Open spaces, open minds, open road to recovery


In Balance Ranch is committed to assisting each student and
his family in the journey of recovery, sobriety, and academic achievement.

We endeavor to facilitate healing in the individual and in the family,
equipping them with the necessary tools to live a healthy, productive and joyful life.


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"This program is a wonderful gift for any young man lucky enough to become a part of it. Virtually all aspects of the program have been very well thought through. Overall, I would say this program is ran with absolute integrity sprinkled with a large dose of wisdom."
-In Balance Parent

"Being honest was a huge step for me and my recovery, I was living a lie for so long and now I know that I am free, I feel great!!"
-In Balance Student

"I am speaking as a parent and as a person dedicated to education since 1969, I think the academic leadership of Lynda Hendricks and her staff are outstanding. I think Lynda and her staff do an incredible job of working with students from all different levels and academic backgrounds, from those with learning challenges and those who are gifted."
-In Balance Parent

"There are no words to describe how happy I feel about our son and his new life. Whatever work he did down at the Ranch really had a tremendous effect on him and I am glad to say that I have been less worried than I have been in years. I can tell that our son has made a deep psychic change. I look forward to the future now, rather than dread it. Thank you once again for helping us all have a meaningful life again."
-In Balance Parent

"We watched with gratitude and amazement as our son matured and our relationship with him thawed; gradually it has became warm, loving, and stable. I know that as the years unfold this experience will continue to enrich our lives."
-In Balance Parent


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In Balance Ranch Academy Academics:

In Balance Ranch Academy strongly believes that for a young man to be successful he has to focus on his recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders while at the same time focusing on academics. Our AdvancedEd accredited high school blends traditional classroom experiences with immense individual attention. Your son will get the assistance of our academic director, teachers, proctors and tutors to help him succeed. Our individualized academic program is able to accommodate the highly motivated, academically gifted students with honors classes, those students on the learning disorder spectrum who may need extra attention and everyone in between. Boys often come to In Balance with a variety of negative experiences with school resulting in anxiety or low self esteem in regards to academics. In Balance uses a mastery approach in which we believe that every student is capable, gifted, and talented and we reinforce this with positive messages and motivation to not just learn the material but to master it. Where traditional schools might have hours upon hours filled with lectures and classes, In Balance Ranch Academy breaks away from that traditional model with physical exercise, horsemanship, equine therapy, vocational outdoor classes all coupled with innovative and exciting curriculum.

In Balance Ranch Academy is a nationally recognized therapeutic boarding school developed around a clinically sophisticated model that effectively blends evidence based, research proven traditional and non-traditional therapy and the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Additionally, the program incorporates relapse prevention techniques, equine therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, E.M.D.R., family therapy, Positive Peer Culture and an array of experiential treatment modalities. In Balance serves young men, ages 13-17.9, who are struggling with substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders.

Located in beautiful southern Arizona, less than one hour from Tucson, In Balance Ranch offers an atmosphere conducive to self-reflection and serenity. Our program provides young men with a unique experience that inspires self-evaluation, discovery and growth. We believe that in order for a young person to be successful in recovery it is our responsibility to instill in them that recovery can be not only rewarding, but fun as well. We incorporate an element of fun in almost everything we do at In Balance so do not be surprised to hear your son boast about going paint balling, snowboarding, rock climbing, cattle driving or traveling to amazing places nationally and internationally. Most importantly, our program offers the invaluable gift of recovery from chemical dependency and other mental health challenges.

In Balance Ranch Academy provides the following cutting edge, evidence based treatments and activities:

  • Individual and family therapy
  • Intensive Therapeutic Specialized Groups including; Depression, Anxiety, Trauma Recovery, Adoption, Anger Management, CBT, DBT, Family Issues, Divorces Recovery, Relationships, and Transitions.
  • A comprehensive and integrated 12-Step-based recovery program
  • Family education and support
  • Equine assisted therapy
  • Experiential, adventure-based therapy
  • Trauma treatment, including EMDR.
  • Treatment of co-occurring disorders
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Individualized academic program designed to ensure success
  • College prep courses: SAT/ACT testing preparation
  • College application counseling and assistance
  • Leadership and motivational training
  • Wilderness "success" programs
  • "Recovery through Service" projects
  • A Positive Peer Culture
  • Family Weekends three times per year; Including intensive family therapy workshops, educational workshops, sibling supports, and fun/bonding activities.
  • Numerous expeditions, including but not limited to: Hiking in Zion, Utah; Camping in Havasupai, Grand Canyon; Snowboarding in the White Mountains; Recovery Conferences; Sweat Lodges; and an opportunity to participate in an international expedition.


Words from a Parent:

"I cannot thank you enough for saving Sam's life...Sam is healthy, he is laughing and smiling again...he is enjoying a life without drugs/alcohol...."

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